Listed below are some of the many unsolicited testimonials received from customers of previous editions of this book.

Alabama “I have all your books since #3 and each has paid for itself 100 times over.”
"Your books have kept me in business.”
“Out of all the repair tips we've ordered over the past years, yours has been the most helpful so far.”
“Your tips are the best I’ve ever seen.”
“The first day, it paid for itself.”
Arkansas “Your books are worth their weight in gold.”
“One repair and it pays for itself.”
California “The previous supplements I received from you sure did help me a great deal.”
“...I can’t wait for the next supplement.”
“I'm very pleased. I've ordered from others and yours is the best.”
“Your books have helped with about 25 TV’s.”
Canada “I use your books a lot and I’m ordering the next supplement.”
Colorado “I found your case histories very helpful. Keep up the good work and let me know when the next supplement comes out.”
Florida “It’s amazing. I had 4 sets sitting unfixed in the shop and I didn’t want to get back to them. All four problems were in your book and had them fixed in less than 2 hours for repair bills of $300, I’ve had more then $3,000 worth of repairs since getting your book 8 months ago,”
“I go for your books first before troubleshooting.”
“Your books are my livelihood.”
Georgia "First day and it has already paid for itself."
"Your samples helped me fix 3 sets, already paying for itself in advance."
Illinois “Our company must have saved $20,000 labor by checking the books first before servicing the TV’s.”
“I’ve been servicing TV’s for 40 years and yours are the best tips.”
“Your books are fabulous.”
Kentucky “Just got your case history book today and it has already paid for itself.”
“We love your books. They are terrific.”
Louisiana “You put out the best books and they have saved a lot of time and helped us tremendously. I don’t buy any other books or computer services.”
“Your supplements were invaluable.”
“Your books are the only tech tips we use.”
Maryland “Your books help a lot and we use them all the time.”
“Your books are very beneficial.”
Massachusetts “Thanks for the excellent TV tips”
“Helped me the first day.”
“One of the best investments I ever made.”
“You have the best tips. They have helped me so many times.”
Michigan “Yours are the best I’ve ever seen. The other books are just pretenders compared to yours.”
“I have 2 of your problem solving booklets and these have proven to be invaluable.”
“Yours are the best I’ve ever seen.”
Minnesota “Your previous copies have been very useful and we are looking forward to receiving your future updates.”
Missouri “I really find your supplements handy.”
“I absolutely would not run a shop without your books.”
“The tips are wonderful and valuable.”
“Yours are the best tips.”
New Jersey “Thanks for getting out another supplement. I really appreciate all that you do – the supplements are a great help.”
“I thought I knew a lot about TV repair until I read your booklet. Please send me the next supplement COD immediately.”
New York "Your book has made me a lot of money."
"Other books that have many thousands of tips are not nearly as good…"
North Carolina “Please send me the next supplement. The others I received from you have already paid for themselves in time saved.”
“These books are very helpful in my repair work. Thanks so much for the books and supplements.”
Ohio “Please send me your new supplement; previous info was great.”
“I really enjoy these books and I like the format.”
Oklahoma "It’s been a real good book and I’ve saved buying a lot of Zenith modules using it."
"Your data are the best I’ve seen."
Oregon “The format and useful information of your TV Case Histories have been more beneficial than those of a competitor.”
"I am very pleased at this last edition. For a guy just starting out, this is so helpful.”
“...worth its weight in gold.”
Pennsylvania “I’m looking forward to the next supplement.”
“Yours are the best of all I've bought.”
“Your books have put money in my pocket.”
“I am a disciple of your books.”
“It has been an unbelievable help and is a gold mine.”
South Carolina ”The booklet paid for itself 2 hours after opening it. A pleasure doing business with you.”
“It has paid for itself.”
Tennessee “I just got your flyer and used it to fix a tough RCA on the main board I was going to send away.”
”Your books are worth every dime.”
“I wouldn’t take $5,000 for my copy of your book.”
Texas “This book has been a lifesaver.”
“My business survives because of your books.”
“I have bought other TIPS data and yours are better.”
“Your Case History book is excellent.”
“These books are great.”
Virginia “I have had problems that I just simply could not find and having all your data together got me out of trouble..”
“Your service is an absolute must. It combines the experience and knowledge of many and is a real time & money saver.”
West Virginia “Your books have done more for me than the hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of data I have on computer files.”
“Thanks for filling a niche...”
Wisconsin “Probably the most resourceful repair manual. It’s a timesaver.”
“Even the very sharp techs can use your tips.”